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Selby Block Party 2 – explore Selby in Minecraft

Join the Selby Block Party 2 and have fun exploring Selby in Minecraft!

Join the Selby Block Party 2 and have fun exploring Selby in Minecraft!

Here’s a little taste of the world of Selby in Minecraft.

Test your building skills, have fun exploring Selby in Minecraft or create your own Minecraft plot world inspired by Selby.

Join us on a special Minecraft server that explores Selby Abbey and the town.

But how do I connect to an online Minecraft world?

For those that know what to do the IP address for the custom Server is

Please note the IP address will only work in Minecraft and not a web browser.

Here’s a video to help you access the server or you can also read the instructions below the video:


To access the server you will need a Bedrock or Java version of Minecraft on a PC or Tablet

Let’s begin with the Bedrock version

Bedrock is the version with a marketplace button on the start screen. Also, make sure you can access online services – you may need to sign into your Xbox live account to do this.

  • At the start screen press the play button and you will see three tabs at the top of the screen.
  • Head to the servers tab and scroll down to the bottom, there you can add a server. Unfortunately, you cannot do this with a console version! Just iPad tablet and PC.
  • In the server add box add the name of the server, this can be anything you want!
  • Then type in the IP box
  • Keep the default port the same and press play and you have accessed the server! 

You can revisit as often as you like for the next couple of months.

To connect with a Java version you need a particular installation version of Minecraft – 1.18.2 Doing this is fairly simple

  • Goto the installation tab 
  • Click new installation 
  • Name it “selby server”
  • Then click and scroll down until you see 1.18.2
  • Use that and you’re done, press create.
  • Then start Minecraft in that version using the dropdown menu on the left. You can also use this when you need to play the latest version afterwards…
  • And start Minecraft by pressing play
  • Click on Multiplayer and then add server
  • Just like in bedrock Then type
  • And add the new server
  • You will see it listed and then you can join

We hope you are inspired to create amazing Minecraft builds!

The Selby Block Party 2 project is part of Selby Stories – an exciting programme of arts and cultural events running until late 2023, celebrating what makes Selby special and unique.



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