Selby Hidden Walks

Walks around the town of Selby, celebrating our heritage.


Selby, UK

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Each of the five walk leaflets, located below, has a descriptive narrative, images of objects that can be seen along the walk, and a map to follow.

Four of the walks are circular ones around the town, which are no longer than two miles. The fifth walk describes the entire six mile length of the Selby Canal.

The five topics covered are:

Ousegate – Shipping heritage and fine waterfront buildings

Selby Canal – Industrial heritage and modern leisure

Signs and Symbols – Unlocking the hidden meanings of shopfront signs

Plaque Parade – Touring the sites and stories behind the plaques that mark important sites in town

20th Century Selby – Highlighting the variety and meaning of modern buildings standing in Selby

Selby Timeline. One of 12 metal panels, telling the history of Selby
Selby Hidden Walks
Finkle Street Shot
Wayfinding signposts in Selby
Selby Canal Map